Carolin Liebl and Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler

are an artist duo collaborating since 2012. Incorporating elements of sculpture, the kinetic, robots, and installation, the duo’s work deals with the effects of technological development on the aesthetic and social aspects of human and nonhuman life. Their medium - technology - is both a carrier of social convention and a pictorial material. Atmospheres, smells, noises, room temperatures and material qualities of visual and haptic nature are just as important as programmed processes, algorithms and physical laws. Their objects expressing different energies examine the nature of electrical energy and the self-perception of humans in relation to it.
stream >> radiate >> fishnew robot, created during our EMAP residency @ FACT 2020read our artist portrait in the Schirn Magtake a video-tour with our gallerist @CADORO, Mainz
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